Little Victories

Congratulations to Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins, who was today named National League MVP, edging out Colorado’s Matt Holliday. The MVP voting, of course, is based solely on regular-season play, so the fact that the Rockies steamrolled over the Phillies in the first round of the playoffs – the Phils’ first appearance in the postseason in 14 years – did little to improve Holliday’s case. With Rollins joining first baseman Ryan Howard in the annals of MVP winners, giving the Phillies two winners in as many years, it’s nice time to be a Philadelphia baseball fan. But with barely a sniff of the World Series in those two years, fans are left to get by on the little victories, compromising a championship for the privilege of having two of the best players in the league. Second baseman Chase Utley is already a strong candidate for the award next year, but frankly, I’d gladly sit through another year in which Chase missed a month or so if it meant a World Series win.