What Do Men Want?
- Drama

What Do Men Want?

What Do Men Want? (1921)

Release : 1921-11-13
Genre : Drama
Runtime : 70 minutes
Company : Lois Weber Productions
Cast : Claire Windsor, J. Frank Glendon, George Hackathorne, Hallam Cooley, Edith Kessler
Language :

Descriptions What Do Men Want?

According to this Lois Weber production, men don’t really seem to know what they want at all — first Frank (J. Frank Glendon) wants to be an inventor. Then he wants to marry his childhood sweetheart, Hallie (the lovely Claire Windsor). Then he wants children. Then, when his inventions bring him financial success, he becomes restless, so he takes up with another woman. Eventually he figures out that the woman’s reputation is less than squeaky clean, so he wants his wife back. But he sees Yost, one of Hallie’s former admirers (Hallam Cooley), walk into their house and believes she is unfaithful. Months later, he finds out through his brother Arthur (George Hackathorne) that she’s been true all this time, and Hallie lets him come back to her. Read more at https://www.allmovie.com/movie/what-do-men-want-v116388#LiSD6dO7IZmUGgXo.99