Forest Gardening with Robert Hart
- Documentary

Forest Gardening with Robert Hart

Forest Gardening with Robert Hart (1996)

Release : 1996-06-30
Genre : Documentary
Runtime : 48 minutes
Company : Iota Pictures
Cast : Julia Guerra, Ken Fern, Mike Guerra, Robert Hart
Language : en

Descriptions Forest Gardening with Robert Hart

Hart’s Forest Gardening introduces a way of working alongside nature- an approach that results in great productivity with minimal maintenance, and a method for transforming even a small cottage garden into a diverse and inviting habitat for songbirds, butterflies, and other wildlife. Based on the model of a natural woodland, a forest garden incorporates a wide variety of useful plants, including fruit and nut trees, perennial herbs, and vegetables. Robert Hart blends history, philosophy, anthropology, and seasonal gardening wisdom, which together comprise a remarkable testament to the pleasures of “hands-off” as well as hands-on gardening. Practical features include: Design guidelines for creating your own perennial food-producing garden
Lists of recommended plants and varieties,
An explanation of how plants in different levels or “stories” –from ground covers to full-sized trees–coexist and interact in a healthy and productive landscape.

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