A Knight for Vasoula
- Music, Comedy

A Knight for Vasoula

A Knight for Vasoula (1968)

Release : 1968-11-16
Genre : Music, Comedy
Runtime : 94 minutes
Company : Finos Film
Cast : Jenny Karezi, Faidon Georgitsis, Dionysis Papagiannopoulos, Giorgos Mihalakopoulos, Maria Foka, Maria Bonelou
Language : el

Descriptions A Knight for Vasoula

Vasoula is a poor girl who works as a secretary for a cranky older lady, Ms Kleio who loves novels with knights and lives secluded in her mansion with her butler Aristeidis. One day, in the absence of Ms Kleio, Vasoula is visited by a couple, Popi and Mitsos Bezestainis who ask if they can stay. The sudden return of Ms Kleio causes great upheaval kai Vasoula is forced to introduce Mitsos as her husband, who is a sailor and often away. When Ms Kleio dies, she leaves her entire estate to Vasoula whom she mentions in her will as “wife of Dimitrios Bezestainis”. Now, the problems begin, and they can only be solved when Vasoula marries Mitsos.

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