- Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction


Wizards (1977)

Release : 1977-02-09
Genre : Animation, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Runtime : 80 minutes
Company : Bakshi Productions, 20th Century Fox
Cast : Bob Holt, Jesse Welles, Richard Romanus, David Proval, Mark Hamill, Jim Connell
Language : en

Descriptions Wizards

In a post-apocalyptic future, humankind is destroyed and the fantastic races of ancient legend emerge to repopulate the earth. In fulfillment of an ancient prophesy twin sons — wizards — are born to a queen of the faeries: one good, the other aggressively evil. They are destined to collide in a war that will destroy the new earth. Blackwolf, the evil son, is a deformed mutant and is cast out of the community. He seeks to rediscover the ancient technologies of warfare and destruction in order to gain his revenge and subjugate the free peoples of the earth. Avatar, the good son, is human and seeks a passive life of non-aggression in order to avoid responsibility for the bloodshed and despair prophesied. Blackwolf’s disastrous attempts to assassinate his brother compell Avatar to marshal forces against Blackwolf, leading to the ultimate confrontation.

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